Every girl loves are some of the things I enjoy should you feel so inclined ;-)

1) Sephora...Oh My

2) Amazon :-)

3) Gift Card/E Card

4)American Airline Gift Card/E Card


I also enjoy....Woodwick Candles, House Plants, White Roses or anything realted to the MOON or SEA!


SPOIL ME- and American Air are THE easiest way to spoil me! These will always outshine any designer lingerie or shoes, for me personally.


ONCE in A LIFETIME SPOIL- I know this is NOT typical, but I am a wizard! A pinball wizard that is and I have always wanted my own pinball machine in my basement! Addams Family, Sopranos and South Park  are my 3 favorites, however any pinball machine from the late 80's onward I would nearly die of gratitude!